First Ride up Willunga Hill and What a BANG!

📅 October 21, 2019

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This was my first ride up the famous Willunga hill

The same one that the tour rides go up during the tour down under, the start point was at the Almond Train in Mclaren Vale and we had a great turnout of about 20 riders and it was another really good spring morning for a ride. About 2ks into the ride we have our first mechanical and it was unrepairable so it was a case for the recovery car, this was a tube & tire failure where the tire wall has fully split from the beading. Shav was not impressed with his continental Gatorskins

We regrouped at the alma pub

Located in Willunga High street and when everyone was fully psyched up off we went, the first part of the rise is quite steep for about 500 meters then it eases off just slightly, I was going well although not to fast when I got an almighty bang from my rear tire was just like a shotgun going off and yes it has totally blow up my inner tube and pushed my tyre of the rim, well that stopped me dead in my tracks. After a new tube was inserted and inflated, I wish I had a Co2 Canister but I had to do it the old fashioned way with the trusty Topeak race rocket I was off again this time at a much better speed and made it all the way to the top with not much bother and this is where we had the group photo.

More Ride Pictures

You can check out this ride report here this was the official Adelaide cyclists riding group, lots more pictures and Steve has put a good report on his blog I am really keen to have another go at this hill again, this time without stopping.