SunSet Over Henley Beach

📅 November 01, 2019

⏱️2 min read

Leading up to Amy's Ride which will be a 100k ride it was time to do a few training rides so this is one of those rides. My Azzurri Forza Di2 is still going strong and I did meet up with a new pal towards the end of the ride, more about that later...

Azzurri Forza Pro Di2

The plan is to meet up with a small group after work over at Henley Beach and make the run to Outer Harbor and back, this is a popular run that we do all the time. Usually the wind plays a big part on this ride and today was no exception, were as we had a tailwind heading out giving us a nice push along, we took it easy but still managed to sit on 30-35kms all the way out, I was setting the pace for most of the way out, so I decided to ride according to my Heart Rate and attempted to keep it on or below 130bpm. This was great as I was able to make the first 17ks very comfortably, it was a different story on the ride back though.

A quick bite to eat and a drink and it was time to head back straight into the headwind, we made a plan to alternate the lead and try to maintain an average speed of about 25-27 km/h this was the first time I had tried to ride this way so I did find myself a little bit uncoordinated at first but after we made a few rotations I managed to get into the flow. We made good time back to Henley square to enjoy the beautiful sunset over a well-earned coffee.

Azzurri Forza Sunset

After a few minutes passed another rider came by and parked his bike near us and Shav said look another Azzurri bike, yup it was the exact same bike as mine i stopped the rider and said we got the same bike, you will not see two Azzurri Forza Di2 bikes at the same time very often, we got chatting for a while and had to have a few photos done with the two bikes together, it was really nice to meet you Greg, hope to see you around in the future. Interestingly we had both done the same upgrades to our bikes like swapping the tires for Continental GP 4000S and change the cranks to the Ultegra Hollow-tech Compacts. I did take away one tip from Greg and that was the way that he had his Garmin speed/cadence sensor mounted, as the chainstays on the Forza Pro don't give you much clearance from the rear wheel so my wheel spoke magnet passes very close to my sensor arm, my job for the weekend.

Azzurri Forza Pro Di2 Times Two